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Subsidiary of a renowned company

A solid foundation for a strong future

IF-Localization is a subsidiary of InterFace AG.
Trust, loyalty, and reliability are the foundation of our partnership with InterFace AG — utilizing the resulting synergies is the basis for our joint success.


IF-Localization GmbH is a young and growing company founded by Luka Komljenović as Managing Director on June 1, 2010. IF-Localization, as an independent subsidiary, belongs to the IF-Group, which consists of the parent company InterFace AG and three additional subsidiaries IF-Tech,
IF-Blueprint and IF-Agora.


Founded in 1984, the InterFace AG has realized complex, enterprise-critical IT projects and has been involved in some of the largest IT projects in Germany. At IF-Localization, our staff members bring with them 12+ years of experience in the localization industry. As a subsidiary and localization partner of InterFace AG, we help to facilitate their entry into the international marketplace.

With our help, InterFace AG offers their customers international solutions and multilingual software products — with short turnaround times and the highest quality. InterFace AG benefits from the extended range of services. In turn, IF-Localization benefits from the infrastructure provided by our parent company, for example in IT services, staff integration, and common administration.


Luka Komljenović

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