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From style guides to quality management

What are your target languages?

We work with highly qualified specialized translators and reviewers who work in their native language and cover more than 50 languages — we keep expanding our network. Please contact us. We would be glad to provide you with additional information on the languages you may need.

What is a style guide?

A style guide provides a set of guidelines for a specific language, detailing the stylistic, orthographic, and linguistic rules and conventions that apply. In many cases, companies define specific internal guidelines for technical writers and translators in such a document to ensure consistency in their content and enterprise communication.

What is terminology?

Terminology refers to context-specific vocabulary and summarizes the technical terms and designations in a subject area. Company terminology is an integral part of  corporate identity. We would be glad to support you in creating and maintaining your company's terminology assets or in planning and implementing a centralized terminology management system.

What is review?

During a review, the accuracy, intended meaning, and terminological consistency are confirmed by reading the translated text against the source document. The localized text is also checked for orthography, grammar, and cultural requirements. A bilingual (i.e. source vs. target) review is an integral, standardized part of the IF-Localization process. Quality assurance according to the 6-eye principle is a core process step in every IF-Localization project which includes an extra internal check of review changes and their implementation. In addition, we offer target text proofs and source vs. target reviews for documents as an independent, stand-alone service.

Do you have a quality management system?

Yes. Our quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001:2008 and ensures that our services — from project quote creation through to quality assurance — meet measurable and consistently high standards. We document our quality assurance results in a transparent and traceable manner according to defined standards.

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