Localization & Project Preparation

Questions and answers: Getting started and project preparation

What is localization?

Language is shaped by cultural and geographical factors. As a result, localization involves more than just translating a text. During localization, we adapt your product to the linguistic and cultural conventions of the intended target market — taking into account important technical and legal requirements.

What is desktop publishing (DTP)?

Desktop publishing means the creation of a formatted document, i.e. typesetting and layout for high-quality documents that contain text, graphics and screens. We work with all the common file formats and offer DTP services for all source and target languages.

What is software internationalization?

Software internationalization means that certain guidelines and requirements are observed when programming software to ensure that it can be adapted to other languages and cultures without additional changes to the source code.

What is turnaround time?

Turnaround time refers to the time needed for completing localization projects — from the preparation of source files through to the delivery of the localized product to the customer.

How are files transferred?

Projects can be sent to IF-Localization via e-mail, FTP server, fax, or on a disk via regular mail.
Please let us know if you need to transfer large data volumes.

What happens during file analysis and preparation?

During file analysis, we check the content and technical requirements of your documents. Based on the results, we develop a customized process for your localization project and put together the ideal team of specialist translators and technical experts for your project's requirements.

During file preparation, our localization engineers convert your content and graphics into a file format that can be handled by translation software and memories.
After localization, the files are reconverted to the original source file format. We use the latest localization software for the conversion and reconversion processes.

What does a simplified localization process look like?

The Localization Process: a simplified project example

  1. Identification of project requirements — including file and process analysis
  2. Quote preparation and acceptance of a project quote by the customer
  3. Creation of a project schedule and the milestones
  4. Technical file preparation for localization
  5. Extraction and preparation of terminology candidates in the source and/or target languages
  6. Localization of content into the target languages
  7. Review of the localized target language content
  8. Technical file reconversion and DTP
  9. Final quality assurance
  10. Delivery to the customer

>> The final prerequisite before closing the project is confirmation that the customer is satisfied with the quality of the deliverables and our service.

What kind of information is needed to prepare a quote?

Would you like to receive an estimate for an upcoming localization project?

To help us prepare for an initial consultation, please provide us with the following information:
> Contact person and details
> Specialization (e.g. medical, technical, IT, etc.) and target group
> Type of project and file formats: e.g. documentation, software, website, multimedia, etc.
> Terminological requirements (existing glossaries, terminology list creation)
> Project scope: word count, number of pages, source and target languages
> Project start and end dates (if known).

To prepare a binding quote, we would need to receive a representative portion of the files for detailed analysis.

Do you have questions? Would you like to receive a quote? Are you interested in more detailed information? Please contact us!


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