DTP & Multimedia Localization

Adaptation of the audio-visual content for your target market

Content and appearance in harmony: be it a glossy brochure or an e-learning course

Your corporate image relies on a consistent representation of the content and a common look. Specific adaptations to the target market are a major factor for international success. Our desktop publishing and multimedia experts ensure, in cooperation with our localization experts, that your products reflect your corporate identity, meet the requirements in your target market and have a professional look — in all languages.


Advantages for your company

Technical expertise: desktop publishing and multimedia service
Take advantage of our many years of experience and technical expertise in DTP and multimedia services. Regardless of whether you want to create a multilingual, glossy brochure or translate an e-learning course: we take on the entire process for you, from localization engineering through to audio recordings with native speakers in your target country/region. You can rely on our experts and experience.

All languages from a single source: consistent, flexible and cost-efficient
With our desktop publishing and multimedia service we not only relieve you of the additional work involved in coordinating advertising agencies and speakers for audio recordings, we also make it easier to take care of last-minute changes and corrections. As a result, we realize project cost savings for you by means of efficient and centralized processes. Our quality assurance process ensures that the formatting and content fit together perfectly and that your predefined requirements are met. In doing so, we ensure the consistent and uniform appearance of your localized products — in all languages.


DTP & multimedia process: centralized file preparation and reconversion

For IF-Localization projects, DTP and multimedia work is centralized and performed simultaneously for all languages, as far as possible. These process steps are part of the file preparation at the project start and file reconversion at the project end. During file preparation, text is extracted and prepared for translation. After the translation has passed our quality control process, the text is re-imported into the original source format.
The source text in graphics is replaced with translated text using a similar process. As word lengths differ widely between languages, the layout is checked again after re-import and adjusted as needed. The source language screenshots are replaced by screenshots that use the translated target software.
Depending on the requirements of the target market, it may be advisable or even necessary to adapt certain symbols, graphics, or pictures due to political, cultural, or legal reasons; this affects flags, for instance.
We are more than happy to involve you as customers when such decisions are made.

Film and video dubbing or subtitling
When translating film or video text for audio recordings, an additional dubbing step, including professional audio recordings with native speakers from your target region, is added to the process. Translated subtitles can also be integrated.

Worldwide network of experts
Our worldwide network of desktop publishing and multimedia experts, as well as professional voice talents (native speakers), enable us to perform international audio recordings within short timeframes.

IF-Localization helps you to achieve a worldwide presence that consistently reflects your corporate image while meeting the requirements of every target market.
We speak your language—and that of your customers.


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