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Internationalization readiness as a future strategy for software products

The prerequisite for efficient software localization are programs that are internationalization ready. That means the programs can be adapted to other languages and cultures without additional changes to the source code. If the needed internationalization does not take place, the subsequent adjustment and localization will be time-consuming and costly. The IF-Localization staff would be glad to advise you on the ideal approach for your company.


Advantages for your company

Shorter time-to-market with tested product functionality

Software that is well-designed and internationalization ready can be translated into all target languages using common localization databases and tools without changes to the source code. This enables the simultaneous market launch of your product in all target markets. Since the software code remains untouched during the localization process, full functionality is ensured.

Our Services

Assessment of internationalization readiness: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

IF-Localization verifies if your software product meets the requirements for internationalization and localization. We will work together with you and support you as needed in adapting your software to make it internationalization ready in accordance with international standards.

Please let us know if you need internationalization readiness training for software products for your department staff.

IF-Localization helps you pave the way to a strong market presence for your products and services.


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