Optimal organization for smooth localization

Every project deserves a process that enables the highest level of efficiency

We develop processes and solutions that are tailored to the requirements of your company and ensure optimum efficiency: quick turnaround, cost efficiency, and high quality. For us, the process is part of the solution. We would be glad to advise you!

Advantages for your company

Cost efficiency and the full achievement of your objectives

Professional project management is the prerequisite for cost-effective, multilingual localization projects. It enables smooth workflows, the realization of project targets, and on time delivery within budget.

Process transparency

Our project managers keep you informed on the project status and update you at agreed upon intervals. Potential risks are identified proactively and solutions are developed and monitored.

Continuous improvement process

We have implemented an in-house continuous improvement process — this is essential for our further personal and professional development. As a result, we look forward to your feedback.

Our Services

Every project is unique

For this reason, a thorough analysis of the source files and preliminary discussions with the client are essential first steps of every IF-Localization project. Together, we define the scope of work and the deliverables, identify potential cost savings, and establish the specific requirements, milestones, guidelines, and project workflow.

Six eyes see more than four or two

Quality assurance according to the 6-eye principle is a core process step in every IF-Localization project. After the initial translation, a full review — according to defined standards — is performed by a second independent and impartial native speaker. Before the suggested corrections or changes are implemented they are checked by an internal linguist to ensure consistency with existing reference material. The results of the review are documented and provide important feedback for our teams. Quality is our highest priority.
We know what we are doing, how to do it, and why it is important.

ISO certified for the continuous quality assurance of our services

Our quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001:2008. We ensure that our services — from project quote creation through to quality assurance — meet measurable and consistently high standards. We document our quality assurance results in a transparent and traceable manner according to defined standards.
If you have company-specific requirements regarding style or tone for e.g. marketing material, we will work together with you to define the inherent characteristics that need to be observed so that we can objectively measure the quality of the deliverables.
However, regardless of the quality concept that forms the basis of a corporate management system — be it ISO, Kaizen, or Six Sigma:

The most important factor for attaining and offering high level service is our highly motivated staff and their wholehearted dedication.


The Localization Process: a project example

The process begins with a customer quote request.

Then, the source files provided by the customer are analyzed and the project requirements established in cooperation with the customer. This input is the basis for our project quote.

Upon confirmation of the quote, the project is assigned to an IF-Localization project manager who will work together with you throughout the project.

He or she creates a project schedule, initiates production, coordinates the individual process steps and monitors the project progress so that deadlines are met.

The first step in the production process begins with file preparation, which is performed by our engineering team.

New terminology (not yet defined in available customer glossaries) is extracted from the source files at this time (if that is a part of the project scope).

A terminologist prepares and edits the terminology list that is then released for translation into the requested target languages.

Translated terminology lists are then imported into the customer-specific terminology database that is provided to the translators as reference for additional project steps.

Prepared software resource files are sent to specialized translators for localization and then to an experienced reviewer for a full quality assurance review.

The translated and reviewed software resource files are delivered to the engineering team for compilation into the requested target languages.

The engineered online help files are then sent to the translation teams followed by the standard review and correction cycles.

In the meantime, the engineering team tests the target language software and creates screenshots of the final software product for the online help files.

After completion of the review cycle, the online help files are delivered to the engineering team for the incorporation of the target language screenshots and final testing.

While the engineering team is finalizing the testing of the online help files, the localization of the prepared documentation files begins and is followed by the standard review and correction cycles.

Once the linguistic QA is completed, the files are reconverted and then delivered to desktop publishing experts for the needed layout and formatting work.

A final quality assurance cycle — including a check of the formatted document by a qualified translator — is performed and the needed corrections are implemented in the document.

Then, the final delivery of files to the customer is carried out.

The final prerequisite before closing the project is confirmation that the customer is satisfied with the quality of the deliverables and our service.

At IF-Localization, we firmly believe that a well-functioning partnership with our customers is the key to our success.



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