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Proven language quality for products and services

Localization is the key to international markets

The staff at IF-Localization looks back on more than 12 years of international project management experience in the localization industry. Professional localization and sophisticated processes are our core competences as well as essential factors for international product success. We help you speak to your customers in their language — opening up opportunities for market expansion and increased sales.

Advantages for your company
Language need coverage and professional competence

Our worldwide network of highly qualified specialized translators and reviewers (working in their native language) as well as DTP experts and engineers cover more than 50 languages and expertise in various subject areas. Our focus is on the following sectors: life sciences, IT, manufacturing, finance, legal, automotive, and multimedia.

Single point of contact
Your IF-Localization project manager manages your schedule and is your single point of contact and is connected to the worldwide project team. Project completion on time is understood.

Scalable project teams
Independent of project size, we work closely with highly skilled, motivated, and creative translators, desktop publishing experts, multimedia experts, localization engineers, and project managers. This allows us to ensure high quality language and technology services and maintain an effective, economical workflow.

Time and cost efficiency
In order to minimize turnaround times, file preparation and reconversion is centralized. Translation for all languages is done simultaneously in the target market countries. We can handle high-volume projects with tight deadlines in a sound, consistent, and cost-effective manner by taking advantage of language and translation technologies such as translation memories and terminology management systems. We would be more than happy to advise you on the possibilities for process optimization and potential project savings.

Certified quality
Based on our quality management system — certified according to ISO 9001:2008 — we achieve excellent results for our customers. We ensure that our services — from project quote creation through to quality assurance — meet measurable and consistently high standards.

Take advantage of our more than 12 years of experience in the localization industry.

Our Services
Document localization: proven language quality for products and services

IF-Localization helps you manage and translate your content into more than 50 languages — so you can get your message across locally — and globally. Your content, i.e. enterprise communication, product information, manuals, your software products, websites, and multimedia applications.
Localization, however, involves more than mere translation into a different language. Apart from the linguistic aspect, it includes adaptation to the linguistic and cultural conventions of the intended target market — taking into account the important technical and legal requirements. The result is content that is localized — not just translated — and is perceived by the reader as having been written and produced in their own country.

Software & website localization: sustainable adaptation of your software or web product to the requirements of the target market

IF-Localization uses specialized CAT programs for software and website localization and ensures that source code and formatting is protected during the localization process and cannot be changed by the translators. The adaptation of dates, times, and currencies to target market conventions is a major aspect when localizing software.
Equally important is the replacement of source software screenshots with the localized software screens, ensuring that the user can reference graphics that correspond to their local language interface.

Translation memories and terminology management: attractive cost savings and competitive advantages through unified enterprise terminology

The use of state-of-the-art translation memory systems is part of the IF-Localization standard workflow. As a result, translations are stored in customer and product specific translation memories, archived and ready for use in your next project. Leveraging translations from a TM reduces translation costs and enables shorter turnaround times, since sentences and phrases that have already been translated as part of a previous project — now stored in the TM — can be reused. The use of a TM also ensures that text that occurs repeatedly — within a project or over numerous projects — is translated consistently.

Your terminology is your special vocabulary and an integral part of your corporate identity. A company that speaks the same language as their customers and partners across the board — from marketing materials, software, manuals, spare parts catalogs, etc. — secures a competitive advantage through clear communication and user-friendliness. It also benefits from significant cost savings: fewer customer support service tickets are raised, correctly translated documentation leads to fewer errors, and in medical technology a single word can significantly affect patient and operator safety.
Cost savings through translation management are amplified by terminologically consistent source texts and predefined terminology that is provided to the translators in the target languages.
For example, an approved translation is established for a single source term in 10 languages (i.e. 11 languages including the source term). If the term appears 50 times in the source text, it will be translated consistently 50 times for each target language without further enquiries. This means that the initial investment to establish the term and its translation has paid off 550 times.
The IF-Localization staff would be more than happy to work together with you to define your company-specific terminology management requirements. We would be glad to support you in creating and maintaining your company's terminology assets or in planning and implementing a centralized terminology management system to help your company maintain a competetitive edge, save cost, and increase sales opportunities.

Worldwide network of linguistic experts

Our worldwide network consists of highly qualified specialized translators and reviewers and covers more than 50 languages and expertise in various subject areas. Our focus is on the following sectors: life sciences, IT, manufacturing, and multimedia.

Complete solutions

IF-Localization covers the entire localization chain for your products — from translation and terminology management, engineering, desktop publishing, multimedia creation, to localization consulting. We also offer source language content creation as part of our range of services.

We deliver localized products that are perceived by your target group as having been written just for them. We are here for our customers. Let us know what we can do for you.

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